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Wiki - wilbo666

Page history last edited by wilbo666 1 year, 2 months ago

Welcome to wilbo666's Wiki

Welcome to wilbo666's Wiki page (Note: I don't worship the devil, the '666' is an immature choice from a very long time ago which is not possible to change now sadly).

This Wiki is intended to be a collection of useful information that is predominately automotive based with a significant electrical and wiring focus.


Feedback is always welcome so if you come across something that can be improved, or on the other hand you come across something that was particularly helpful please drop me a line!


If you've found my work helpful and would like to donate a beer! PayPal.Me/wilbo666wiring





Automotive Information

  • General Information: A page containing general automotive information (publications, magazines, books etc)
  • 3D Printing: General folder containing automotive 3D printing
  • Repair Manuals: General folder containing automotive repair manuals
  • Owners Manuals: General folder containing  automotive owners manuals
  • Wiring Diagrams: General folder containing automotive wiring diagrams


  • General Wiring Notes: Details Connector Pin Labelling, Wire Colours, etc
  • Toyota Connector Part Numbers:  Toyota document that contains 1991 to 2005 Toyota connector part numbers.  These part numbers can be used to order bare connectors from Toyota





  • Adaptronic: Details information regarding Adaptronic aftermarket engine ECU/s
  • GReddy e-Manage: Details how to construct a Support Tool for the GReddy e-Manage Blue.  Also contains the support tool PC software and e-Manage wiring diagrams


Electrical Engineering Information




Suggested Links

  • www.toymods.org.au: This website / forum is in my option the paramount source of Toyota information.
  • http://www.autoshop101.com/autoshop15.html: This website has some very useful and detailed Toyota supplied training documents and information that covers basic electrical theory through to sensors, ignition, automatic transmission etc.




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