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M Series Engine to xJZ Series Engine Conversion Engine Mounts

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This page provides information in regards to engine mounts that can be used constructed to allow fitment of a Toyota xJZ series engine such as 1JZ-GE, 1JZ-GTE, 2JZ-GE, 2JZ-GTE into a number of older Toyota motorcars.


These conversion engine mounts are designed to use the existing engine cross member and the existing rubber engine mounts to allow fitment of an xJZ series engine.


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Current confirmed fitment includes:

  • xA6x Toyota Supra & Celica XX (GA61, MA60, MA61)
  • xZ1z Toyota Soarer (GZ10, MZ10, MZ11, MZ12)
  • xX3x Toyota Cressida (MX32, MX36)
  • xX6x Toyota Cressida, Chaser, Mark 2, etc (GX61, MX62, MX63)
  • xX7x Toyota Cressida, Chaser, Mark 2, etc (GX71, MX71, MX73)


Installation Notes

General Notes

The mounting holes located towards the front of the xJZ engine should be used to bolt the conversion engine mount to the xJZ engine block.


xA6x Installation with W5x (W55, W57, W58) Gearbox Notes

In an MA61 Supra these conversion engine mounts locate an xJZ engine with a W5x manual gearbox attached such that the W5x gearbox is in the same location as factory, this allows the factory gearbox crossmember and tailshaft to be retained when installing an xJZ engine.


xA6x Installation with R154 Gearbox Notes

In an MA61 Supra these conversion engine mounts locate an xJZ engine with an R154 gearbox attached such that the R154 gearbox is located in a position that allows an MA61 Supra Automatic gearbox crossmember to be used.


Enlargement of the gearbox tunnel is required to fit an R154 into an MA61 Supra shell with these conversion engine mounts.  The enlargement is able to be achieved via cold working with a hammer.


A replacement tailshaft will also be required as the R154 gearbox is ~30mm longer and has a different gearbox output shaft spline to the original transmission.


Construction Drawings






Construction Images

Please note that these drawings are reference with the Drivers Side being on the right hand side of the car looking from the rear of the car to the front of the car, this is consistent with a motor vehicle that is produced to be driven on the left hand side of the road.


Please click on the drawing images to be taken to a higher resolution version.











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wilbo666 said

at 7:43 am on Jun 7, 2013

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Janis said

at 3:46 am on Feb 16, 2023

Hi. Are you planning to do A70 engine mounts to do 2JZ engine swap into A70 chassy?

wilbo666 said

at 9:17 pm on Mar 11, 2023

No plans to do A70 for xJZ.
I think you'll find they are pretty easily available...


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