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Video Conversion

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This page provides information on video format conversion.



File Format Conversion (i.e. .3gp to .mpg)

Some mobile phones capture video in the file format .3gp.


The .3gp file format can be converted to .mpg format (or others) via ffmpeg.


The following command is useful.


C:\>ffmpeg -y -i input.3gp -sameq -r 24 -s cif output.mpg


Transpose / Roate

Videos can be rotated by the following command,


C:\ffmpeg -i input  -sameq -r 24 -vf transpose=2 output



How to Increase Video Speed (Drop Frames)

C:\>ffmpeg -i output.mpg -sameq -vf "setpts=0.2*PTS" output_fast.mpg



How to Concatenate mpg Files

mpg files can be concatenated (joined) in windows via the command line as follows.  Note the '/b' indicates that the files are binary files.


C:\>copy file1.mpg /b + file2.mpg /b output.mpg



ffmpeg Command Line Switches


-y = Overwrite output files without asking.
-i  = input file name
-sameq = same quality
-r = frame rate
-s = Set frame size. The format is ‘w x h’ (default - same as source). The following abbreviations are recognized:
    ‘sqcif’         128x96
    ‘qcif’        176x144
    ‘cif’        352x288
    ‘4cif’        704x576
    ‘16cif’        1408x1152
    ‘qqvga’        160x120
    ‘qvga’        320x240
    ‘vga’        640x480
    ‘svga’        800x600
    ‘xga’        1024x768
    ‘uxga’        1600x1200
    ‘qxga’        2048x1536
    ‘sxga’        1280x1024
    ‘qsxga’        2560x2048
    ‘hsxga’        5120x4096
    ‘wvga’        852x480
    ‘wxga’        1366x768
    ‘wsxga’        1600x1024
    ‘wuxga’        1920x1200
    ‘woxga’        2560x1600
    ‘wqsxga’        3200x2048
    ‘wquxga’        3840x2400
    ‘whsxga’        6400x4096
    ‘whuxga’        7680x4800
    ‘cga’        320x200
    ‘ega’        640x350
    ‘hd480’        852x480
    ‘hd720’        1280x720
    ‘hd1080’        1920x1080




ffmpeg- N-31774-g6c4e9ca.zip








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