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1UZ-FE UZS143 Aristo Engine Wiring

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This page provides information in regards to 1UZ-FE engine wiring as found in the Japanese UZS143 Toyota Aristo.


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UZS143 Toyota Aristo 1UZ-FE Engine ECU Part Numbers

Toyota Part Number
89661‑30660 10/1992 to 08/1993 Automatic Transmission
89661‑30860 08/1993 to 08/1997
Automatic Transmission


UZS143 Toyota Aristo 1UZ-FE Wiring Diagrams




JZS14#, UZS14# Electrical Wiring Diagram Book 6739604

JZS14#, UZS14# Electrical Wiring Diagram Book 6739604.pdf




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