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Toyota MZ12 Soarer MultiVision

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This page contains information relating to the Toyota MZ12 GT Limited Soarer Electro MultiVision dash display.


The MultiVision system is used to display a large amount of information related to the vehicle / engine on the dash.


General Comments / Information


System Components

There are a number of components, that combined make up the Electro MultiVision system, these include,


86116-24010 Controller, Video

This unit is the upper unit of the three units located in the boot.  This unit contains the powersupply for the CRT TV located within the dash as well as some of the video conversion circuits.


I have experienced has faulty capacitors and ICs (AN5900) in this unit resulting in the CRT failing to operate. See schematic and datasheet sections for further information.


<Insert image>


86010-24010 Tuner Assembly, Television

This unit is the middle unit of the three units located in the boot. This unit contains the circuitry for receiving television reception. There are two large electronic antennas (one located on each side at the rear of the vehicle) that are used to receive the television reception that connect to this unit.


<Insert image>


86112-24010 Computer, Multi-Display (Computer CRT Display)

This unit is the lower unit of the three units located in the boot. This unit contains the circuitry that is used to create the graphics / screens / images that are displayed on the CRT display unit that is located in the dash.


This unit also takes in signals such as the switched inputs such as the automatic transmission "Power-Normal-Economy" switch, TEMS switch, automatic transmission "P-R-N-D-2-L" switch etc for display, as well as other signals such as vehicle speed, fuel injector driver signal (for the Fuel Economy display) etc.


<Insert image>


86111-24010 MultiDisplay (CRT TV)

A small CRT TV is located within the dash and is used to display the MultiVision information / screens.


<Insert image>


Display Screen Selection Switch

This switch is mounted adjacent to the left side of the steering wheel and can be used to select the desired display screen. Note that TV / Video cannot be displayed when the vehicle is moving.



Translations are listed below,


ドライブ = Drive

ネンピ = Fuel Consumption

メンテナンス = Maintenance

セツト = Setsuto (TV / Video)


86170-24010 Remote Control

This wired remote control can be used to control the display when used in TV / Video mode.

TV / Video mode can be selected via the switch located under the lid on the left hand side of the remote, see translations for more detail.




Translations for the above are below,


テレビ = TV

ビデ = Video

メモリー = Memory

色あい = Tint

色の濃さ = Colour Strength


電源 = Power

チャンネル = Channel

音量 = Volume



 Translations for the above are below,




1) セツトしたいチャンネルを [10] [1] または [] []


2) メモリボタン (左側面のフタの中にあり

ます) を押して下さい。 チャンネル表示



3) A~Fまでの任意 のプリセツトボタンを



* つづけていくつかの選局ボタン(A~F)









Way of channel preset


1) The channel you want to Setsuto [10] [1] or [] []


2) Press (located in the lid of the left side) memory button. Number of channel display will blink.


3) Press the button pre-Setsuto any of up to A ~ F. They are recorded flashing channel display is stopped.

Please repeat steps (1) to (3) when storing the channel select button several (A ~ F) in a row.



Please do not leave a long period of time in direct sunlight.



Display Screens


System Check Screen

This screen is shown for a short period of time (~2-3seconds) after the key is turned to the ON position, after which the Drive screen is displayed.


Note: I believe that this is a "static" screen and that no checking of the systems listed is undertake before they are displayed on this screen.



Translations are listed below,


システムチェック項目 = System Check Items



Drive Screen

The Drive screen is the screen that is displayed in normal operation of the vehicle.


This screen shows the following,

  1. Engine RPM
  2. Automatic transmission shifter position
  3. TEMS selection switch position (SPORT, NORM, AUTO)
  4. ECT selection switch position (PWR, NORM, ECON)
  5. Transmission OD switch Position: ("OD OFF" displayed when off) 




At other times the screen is also used to display information from the following

  1. Autodrive: Autodrive (Cruise Control) information is displayed on the Drive display screen when in operation / enabled.

    When the Autodrive "Preset" switch is used set the desired cruise control speed (that is the Autodrive Preset switch is NOT in the "SET" position), the Drive display will show the currently selected Autodrive Preset switch position in the centre of the display (40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100kph/hr).

    When the Autodrive "Preset" switch is in the "SET" position the Drive display will show the "SET" speed once a speed has been set via the steering wheel mounted Autodrive controls <check this>. If a previous speed has been set and since cancelled then the previous "SET" speed will be displayed, and this displayed speed can be "Resumed" using the steering wheel Autodrive controls).
  2. Maintenance Required: When an item on the Maintenance screen has expired the Drive display will display "メンテナンス" (Maintenance) in the top right of the screen for a number of seconds (~5seconds) after the key is turned to the ON position and the Drive screen has been displayed to indicate to the user that maintenance is required. The CRT TV will also beep when the Drive screen is loaded to further indicate that maintenance is required.

  3. Check Engine Light: The text "Check Engine" is displayed in the top right of the display when the engine ECU signals that a Check Engine condition is active. If the user wishes to read / check the engine codes then the "Check Engine" Text will be flashed in the same fashion as a conventional Check Engine light of a similar era Toyota.


Drive screen showing normal operation, engine off.


Drive screen showing "Maintenance" notice.


Drive screen showing "Check Engine" notice.


Fuel Consumption Screen

This screen is used to display fuel consumption information.


The fuel injector pulse width, injector size, injector dead time, etc and the vehicle speed are used to generate this information.



Translations are listed below,


ネンピ = Fuel Consumption

消費 = Consumption

分前 = Minute Before

現在 = Current


Maintenance Screen

This screen can be used to set maintenance reminders for a number of items. When the set distance has expired a notice will appear on the Drive screen, along with a beep every time the vehicle is switched on (until the maintenance item is reset).


To set / reset a maintenance item the following sequence can be undertaken using the Screen Selection Switch buttons,

  1. Press and hold the メンテナンス (Maintenance) screen selection switch button for ~2seconds to enter "Edit Mode". The TV will beep while the button is held and will stop beeping when the button can be released to indicate Edit Mode has been entered.
  2. Press the メンテナンス (Maintenance) screen selection switch button a number of times (as required) to cycle through to the maintenance item to be set / reset. Each button will move the selection one column to the right.
  3. Press the  ネンピ (Fuel Consumption) screen selection switch button a number of times (as required) to set the maintenance item to the desired distance. The distance will increase with each button press and "overflow" around back to zero once it reaches the top.
  4. To exist Edit Mode Press and hold the メンテナンス (Maintenance) screen selection switch button for ~2seconds to exit "Edit Mode". The TV will beep while the button is held and will stop beeping when the button can be released to indicate Edit Mode has been exited.




Translations are listed below,


メンテナンス = Maintenance


要点検 = Required Inspection


タイヤ = Tyre

エンジンオイ = Engine Oil

オイルフィル = Oil Filter

= Note


Setsuto (TV / Video) Screen

The Setsuto (TV / Video) screen can be used to display TV / Video images when the vehicle is stopped.


Note: The TV / Video can be turned on / off when the vehicle ignition is in the ACC position if the red 電源 (POWER) button on the Remote control is pressed.




User Manual

Toyota Electro Multivision MZ12 Soarer GT LTD M24008.pdf



I have traced some of the 86116-24010 Controller, Video unit while undertaking repairs (Faulty AN5900).

Note: Is is quite likely there are errors of some extent within this schematic. Click on image for larger PDF.






Toyota Soarer 3.0GT-LIMITED (1985).webm - Video that contains Electro MultiVision information.

z10-cm.wmv - Toyota Marketing Video, second half of which contains Electro MultiVision information.

Toyota Electro Multivision MZ12 Soarer GT LTD M24008.pdf



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